Pioneer Devin Nichols:

When I went Bulb planting it was a good morning out, I felt proud because I was helping the community.  I saw people drive past in their cars looking at us while we were planting. It was a great feeling because we were making West Yorkshire Pioneers Cockburn High School proud.  I would like to say thank you for letting us come and plant bulbs and help the community.

Pioneer Orlye Taukam:

To the Bell Isle and Middleton People who did the Bulb planting with us. I just want to thank you for the wonderful day you planned for us.  I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. You guys made me love gardening even more because I used to find it boring, but I found this fun and I enjoyed planting the bulbs.

Pioneer Rhianna France:

The Bulb Planting was a wonderful experience where we all went out or our comfort zones by communicating with the public whilst helping the environment.  Some people even stopped and helped us! It was a wonderful day out and we came back feeling accomplished,  THANK YOU..


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