Love Where You Live Launch Thursday 25 May 2017

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The sun came out brightly on the morning of the official launch of  the Love Where You Live (LWYL)Project. The launch was held at John Charles Centre for Sport.

The 5 year project is the brainchild of Coun Kim Groves. The LWYL project started with a litter reduction campaign, working with the schools in the area to design posters and signs for reducing litter, it then evolved to bulb planting and various environmental projects.

The message on the day was very clear, speaking at the launch Coun Kim Groves said:

“It’s all about people, it’s all about place. It’s all about what the people of Belle Isle and Middleton want in their community.”

Community organisations in the area attended the launch in their numbers and were invited to pledge what they can contribute to support the initiative. In the Initial stage of the community engagement programme over  2,000 households will be surveyed, so they can help inform the  ‘Peoples’ Plan’ for the area. The survey will start in the Orions, stourton Grange, Westwoods, Blakeleys, East Granges and the primary schools in the area. The next stage of the consultation process will involve Cranmore and Raylands and surrounding areas.

If you love where you live and want to get involved in future community projects, please click on contact us and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.





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