About us


Our values, vision and mission

Working together to make Belle Isle & Middleton a safer, cleaner and happier place.

Engagement in Belle Isle & Middleton is sporadic and has been declining over a period of time. With this in mind the Belle Isle & Middleton –“Love Where You Live” project identified a number of key aims:

  • aim to build and develop relationships in communities in the Middleton Park ward by engaging residents in a variety of ways
  • assist in developing community pride and cohesion, ensuring that the community centre and the work that is currently going on there is “at the heart of the community”
  • be inclusive of the whole ward

It’s clear that Belle Isle & Middleton has a rich and diverse voluntary sector, so we want to “tap” into this rich source of assets by building and developing a partnership approach.

Your local Middleton Park ward Councillor’s and the Communities Team are leading this locality working to improve the responsiveness to the communities of Belle Isle & Middleton – developing partnership working to deliver better outcomes for local people.

The Belle Isle & Middleton – “Love Where You Live” project is proud to work in partnership with Leeds City Council Localities, Housing Leeds, Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation, plus a very large number of community groups, social enterprises and charities, all listed in the “Our partners” page.

Also and just as importantly however this also includes YOU!

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