Bulb planting

Bulb planting with the West Yorkshire Pioneers

West Yorkshire Pioneers are a group of 20 school children from Cockburn High School who have all expressed an interest in a career in the uniformed services, all signing up to the ‘Police Officers ethics’.

The project group was approached by Sean Statham (Safer Schools Police Officer), as he had heard about the Belle Isle & Middleton – “Love Where You Live” project. Sean thought that it would be a great opportunity for the “Pioneers” to get involved in community projects.

The West Yorkshire Pioneers initially worked with the project group in Autumn 2016, helping plant some daffodil bulbs on Middleton Park Avenue in preparation for Spring 2017 (when the bulbs will sprout and be a beautiful display of colour).

The “Pioneers” thoroughly enjoyed the day and have agreed to work with the project group on further emerging Belle Isle & Middleton – “Love Where You Live” projects in the future.

Comments from the West Yorkshire Pioneers on the event

Pioneer Devin Nichols:

“When I went Bulb planting it was a good morning out, I felt proud because I was helping the community.  I saw people drive past in their cars looking at us while we were planting. It was a great feeling because we were making West Yorkshire Pioneers Cockburn High School proud.  I would like to say thank you for letting us come and plant bulbs and help the community.”

Pioneer Orlye Taukam:

“To the Belle Isle and Middleton People who did the Bulb planting with us. I just want to thank you for the wonderful day you planned for us.  I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. You guys made me love gardening even more because I used to find it boring, but I found this fun and I enjoyed planting the bulbs.”

Pioneer Rhianna France:

“The Bulb Planting was a wonderful experience where we all went out or our comfort zones by communicating with the public whilst helping the environment.  Some people even stopped and helped us! It was a wonderful day out and we came back feeling accomplished,  THANK YOU..”

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