National Citizens Service Event at the Belle Isle Family Centre. We had a lovely day on Thursday 8th August at the Belle Isle Family Centre. There was a barbecue, and entertainment was provided by the National Citizens’ Service. Councillors Kim Groves and Paul Truswell attended. Everybody enjoyed the get together! Thank you NCS! Thanks also to Steve Brewer for a fabulous job of organising the event, and to Pam Hathaway who was a heroine in the kitchen!



Re-launch of Middleton Community Centre: Let’s Use It so We don’t lose it…..

On Friday, 16 June 2017, a newly refurbished Middleton Community Centre was         re-opened providing a new base for Middleton Elderly Aid and space for youth activities and community events. Funding for the works came in part from a ‘Section 106’ payment from Sanctuary’s new housing on Thorpe Road. Asda gave a grant to fund kitchen equipment and building firm Mears donated free labour. The balance of the cost was funded by Leeds City Council.

A fantastic community asset for all to use and enjoy.MCC LAUNCH


All in a morning’s walk

The morning of 2nd May saw Councillor Kim Groves together with members of the Love Where you Live steering group and a colleague from Parks & Countryside. The tour was to explore opportunities to bring derelict sites back in community use. The following areas were visited:

  • Middleton Park Crescent:refer to housing, with a view to exploring opportunity for this piece of land.
  • Rosedale bank: big expansive green land: planting 200 saplings obtained from Woodland Trust (possible site at the motorway end of the land, replicating the existing trees)
  • Back of Brooms shop-  hope to work with residents to turn site into allotments, small play area and community orchard.
  • Newhall Road: consider a wild flower meadow down the full expanse of newhall road and building on it year on year.


  • The Swamp: prone to flytipping, bonfires, – remomoval of goals , improve site
  • New forest village: central parking suffering from ASB, explore linking the green corridors between the middleton estate to the new forest village.

Watch this space!

Dog Fouling Campaign

The Dog Fouling Banners to launch Inner South Campaign will start to be put up this week.
Here are locations for Belle Isle and Middleton. Middleton Park Football Club and Hunslet Parkside Fields will receive one each as requested. There will be one near Middleton Park Primary school, Orions at Stourton Grange /Middleton Road / New Forest Village.
We will then be working on the following education in schools , working with Hunslet Club Young Ambassadors. We will be exploring a bye law used in other areas that delegates more power to environmental action officers and PCSO.
This is a problem across the city so we need to work together. Please support the sports clubs by sharing this message. Young people’s health is at risk and the Youth Ambassadors are committed to working towards cleaner pitches and streets.DF PHOTO.JPG(First posted on Councillor Kim Groves facebook page)


4 less Quads and off road bikes in our area

4 less vehicles causing annoyance to the residents of Middleton and Belle Isle following the first of a series of operations to seize quads and off road bikes who illegally ride around the area.
These bikes are a nuisance to the majority of residents in the area, if you want to identify those bikes or riders who ride around without any regard for the area and cause a danger to other road users or identify where they are stored then contact the police anonymously via crime stoppers or email
Before you start on about being a grass…… if they didn’t do anything wrong then there wouldn’t be a need to report it.(First reported on West Yorkshire Police – Leeds Inner South facebook page)