Dog Fouling Campaign

The Dog Fouling Banners to launch Inner South Campaign will start to be put up this week.
Here are locations for Belle Isle and Middleton. Middleton Park Football Club and Hunslet Parkside Fields will receive one each as requested. There will be one near Middleton Park Primary school, Orions at Stourton Grange /Middleton Road / New Forest Village.
We will then be working on the following education in schools , working with Hunslet Club Young Ambassadors. We will be exploring a bye law used in other areas that delegates more power to environmental action officers and PCSO.
This is a problem across the city so we need to work together. Please support the sports clubs by sharing this message. Young people’s health is at risk and the Youth Ambassadors are committed to working towards cleaner pitches and streets.DF PHOTO.JPG(First posted on Councillor Kim Groves facebook page)


South East Debt Forum: Stop Loan Sharks Campaign launches on 27th March at St Georges Centre.

On Monday 27th March, Cllrs Blake, Groves and Truswell launched the Stop Loan Sharks Campaign in Middleton and Belle Isle. This campaign is promoting the new Illegal Money Lending website and easier online way of reporting Loan Sharks, plus local organisations who can help with debt and good sources of credit.

We now have a display complete with the new debt forum postcards in the waiting area of St Georges Centre. Partners from BITMO, Credit Union, St Georges Hub, Groundwork and Leeds City Council helped to distribute leaflets at various locations in Belle Isle and Middleton and local organisations will also be receiving postcards to share with their service users.