Public meetings

Public meetings are just one of the many ways that we will aim to engage with local residents in Belle Isle & Middleton.

We will always aim to provide residents with plenty of notice of meetings, publicising well in advance. We will also hold meetings in a location and at a time that is considered to be appropriate for the  community.

The meetings will provide residents with an opportunity to meet key services including the Police, Anti-Social Behaviour, Housing Leeds, Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation (BITMO), Localities, as well as any other service that may be relevant to the area in which the public meeting is being held.

As well as having the opportunity to hear what some of the key services have to say about your area, you will also have the option of discussing any issues that you may be experiencing in your own community, through an open space forum.

In amongst all this there will also, of course, be an opportunity for you to listen to what is happening in relation to the Belle Isle & Middleton – “Love Where You Live” project, which we’d really love you to get involved in.

Please watch this space for details and remember that your next community meeting date and venue will always be at the bottom of this website!

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